eSal (Attendance & Payroll Software)

Donkeypiggy is specialized in providing the solution for Attendance & Payroll Software. It is designed to handle all the need in systematic effectual and easier way. Payroll Software helps us to establish and maintain long relationship with our customer and it has unlimited choices of options and configuration setting that fits the industrial recruitment of the customer and provide you better care of your products. Payroll Software brings us new opportunities and reduces involvement of time taking and complex day- to- day tasks.


OptiSoft (Optical Management Systems)

OptiSoft – Optical Store Software for “Retail & Distribution Industry”. OptiSoft – Optical Store Software for Individual Shop or Retail Chain is designed to handle all the needs in most efficient, effective & accurate way. OptiSoft was launched in the market during 2006. Since then OptiSoft Optical Billing Software is committed to provide the best supporting system for the Retail & Distribution Business upgrading itself from time to time according to the market needs. The incomparable After Sales Service and Training Support is the key behind its success.


eReckon(Retail Management Systems)

eReckon Retail Management Software Solutions are designed to give the high level of solutions to the small & Independent Stores, Retailers and Large & Multi Store Retail chain. With our latest technologies and complete hardware integration eReckon Bill provides a seamless shopping experience for your customer.

With ultimate control on inventory, supplier and point-of-sale eReckon makes retail management easy and ensures focused business. With on line and off line method you are always available to make the bill even if your server incidentally got down.